How to use your sewing machine safely | Safety Tips for Sewing Machines

sewing room safety rulesWith every machine you work with you have to be careful and follow guidelines to protect yourself.

A lot of times we get busy and in a hurry and that when a lot of things happen. So here are a few thing that you can do to help ensure your safety and how to use your machine properly.

First things first make sure you have your machine in a place where you can have access to good lighting.

Good lighting is very important it can help you see things that you may not catch if it has dim or poor lighting.

Using The Proper Needle for Safety:

I know this sounds a little crazy but it is true, you have to make sure you are using the correct needle for what you are sewing, depending on thickness of your material and what you are sewing onto it.

If you do not have the correct size needle it could break or ruin your fabric.

If a needle breaks it could be really dangerous because at that point you have no control over where those pieces are going to fly.

Never sew across pins for Sewing:

When it comes to pins you have to be safe and take the time to remove them.

You can sew up until you get to them but stop the foot pedal, wait for it to completely stop, then remove the pic and continue.

Sewing across a pin could make all kinds of things happen, when it breaks and the sharp ends going flying across the room!

It could be bad! So pay attention to them and take the time to stop and remove them.

Basics- sounds, feel of your machine:

When it comes to your machine you really need to learn it and feel it out. Know what sounds your machine makes, and how it sounds if something is a little off.

It will take time to learn all of that but it is a good practice to have. You control the speed, but you can hear the tone change if something is wrong or off.

So be alert when using your machine until you get used to it. Also take the time to feel it out. Don’t just jump into it and push the pedal to the floor and shove some material in there, trust e it will not come out good!

Take it slow and feel how fast you should go, you can tell when controlling the speed if you are sewing straight or if you are going to fast and it is all over the place.

You have to find your right adjustment. Also different fabrics will sew different.

For example if you have really thick fabric is will take more control on your part of holding the material down and centered versus a light material that your machine will easily sew right though. You will pick up the feel of your machine quickly.

Wrap up: Sewing Machine Safety

Basically you just have to use common sense, you are using a machine that does not stop on a dime or if you yell!

Yes you control the speed and where it sews but it takes a second once you let of the pedal for it to fully stop. The best tip I can give is keep your FINGERS out of the way!

That is where your sewing machine can truly hurt you. Just take your time and learn your machine and the rate in which you can sew.

At first yes it will take you longer to sew things but you will get faster the more you get used to it, and find your speed.

Another good idea is eye protection, in case you do run across a unknown pin and it breaks and goes flying across the room!

Yes if a pin or needle hits you somewhere else it will hurt but you will be ok , if it hits you in the eye it could cause significant damage!

Basically use common sense and take your time! So grab your machine, find some good lighting and get busy sewing!