14 Reasons Why Sewing is Good for You

You love sewing, right? You probably think is is because of all the nice things you make for yourself and your friends. Of course, everyone loves a creative person, and people love to get homemade gifts.

What you might not realize is that sewing is good for you in many ways besides giving gifts or making custom curtains. Did you know that the brain is considered one of the body’s largest muscles?

Sewing engages the brain in many ways, keeping the brain actively flowing. Sewing also offers health benefits that are now medically recognized.

People who suffer from chronic pain issues find sewing very therapeutic, lessening their pain dramatically. Don’t forget the mental benefits of sewing.​

Have you seen the phrase, “Be calm and keep sewing?” This phrase has found its way on coffee mugs, t-shirts, key chains, and many other retail items.

Companies are promoting this merchandise to sewers because they realize too that sewing promotes a sense of calm.

When you make things you like, you feel creative and relaxed. Sewing can take you to your happy place! A kid’s sewing machine makes a great gift for a child.

This is a safe and inexpensive way to introduce a child to sewing and let your child start to reap the benefits of sewing early. A sewing machine is a gift that can bring peace and joy for a lifetime.