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The very best sewing-machine for kids

It is difficult to find a pastime for a kid that is challenging but also easy enough to learn without making them discouraged or bored. When I researched sewing machines as a potential hobby for children, I found that there are very distinct considerations that need to be taken.

The kids sewing machine needs to have easy-to-use features that cover a wide range of experience.

This way, your child will be able to advance to more difficult projects without having to get a new unit.

So legendary a list of the most recognizable Best Sewing Machine For Kids on the planet

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Importance of Best Sewing Machine for Kids

Learning how to sew on a sewing machine can do several things for you and your young hobbyist. Sewing can teach your child how to be patient and learn from mistakes if something on their project doesn’t go right.

They can also teach eye-hand coordination as well as give creative children a much-needed outlet to express themselves. Bonding with your child is another great benefit of learning to sew as it provides plenty of teaching moments and guidance.

The right machine can make all the difference when getting the most benefit and fun out of this useful pastime.

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There are a lot of sewing machine are available in the market today. Find which one is right for your little sweet kids.



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good sewing machine for kids


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new sewing machine for kids

Brother CS6000i

kids sewing machine


kids sewing machine

Brother CS5055PRW

kids sewing machine reviews

Michley LSS-202 lil sew

best kids sewing machine

Janome 2206

best sewing machine kids

Brother XM1010

easy sewing machine projects for kids

Janome Fastlane Fuschia 

brother sewing machine for kids

Brother SE600

Editors Choice: Top 10 best sewing machines for kids

Here a detailed review of some of the Editors Choice: best sewing machines for kids on the market today. I hope this information should give you a clear indication of what you are looking for when deciding on the best one for you. I hope this information will help you to find top 10 best kids real sewing machine.

teaching kids to sew on a machine

Editors Rating:

This manual sewing machine comes with a free arm to make it easier to manipulate the fabric while feeding and a large knob on the side to choose from one of eight stitching options. Your child will be able to hold the material and access the stitching from all sides.

The Singer is exceptional for your little budding clothes designer by providing four different feet that can be snapped for a change in stitch.

There is a light on the machine that illuminates the area where the needle needs to be threaded which makes it easier to see so your child is not struggling with this activity. The Singer Singer 1304 comes with a canvas cover that keeps dust out of the equipment and also makes it easier to carry.

This device comes with a 25-year warranty and an excellent manual that is easy to follow. This machine can withstand even the roughest of use from your child as the stitching mechanism is made of durable metal.

The construction coupled with the warranty means that this machine will last for years to come.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    ​The Singer 1304 provides steady precise stitching using its automatic tension feature
  • check
    ​Projects never go haywire with a precise stitch length and width, so sewers have more control over the stitch-work.
  • check
    ​The convertible free arm means this machine can handle project both large and small and the 6 built-in stitches ensure a variety of projects can be handled
singer sewing machine kids

Editors Rating:

The Singer 3232 comes with over 30 stitches built in for your child to choose from. The majority of the stitch options are decorative, so the young user can get as creative as they choose on a wide variety of fabrics.

This unit also comes with the essential stitches that all sewers use for when they get more serious and experienced.

One feature I like on the Singer is the option to raise the presser foot higher should you be sewing with very thick fabric. The heavy-duty metal construction means that when you are using bulky materials, then there is little chance of bunching or pulling.

There is also an extra storage space for accessories to keep the work-space clean and free of debris. Nothing is worse than having your little sewer work hard on a project for a while only to have something snag or get stuck in the material and cause disappointment.

This unit features speeds up to 750 stitches-per-minute so when your favorite little sewer gets confident enough to kick it up a notch, the power will be there for them.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    ​Tackle all kinds of projects from fashion-sewing to quilting and everything in between with the Singer 3232
  • check
    ​Its 32 built-in stitches allows sewers to do everything from create garments to construct curtains
  • check
    ​At 750 stitches per minute, the machine makes sure that projects are done swiftly
  • check
    ​Save time, effort, and eye strain with the automatic needle threader on this dynamic machine

Editors Rating:

I had this machine shipped as a birthday gift for my little sister. To improve her skills in design and foster her in fashion, I felt this was the perfect surprise for her. She loved it.

Control action with the help of the start and stop button doesn’t need the child to use a foot control. Adjusting the sewing speed is easy by using the variable speed control. LCD display ensures children’s delicate eyes aren’t strained by illuminating the working area. There are pre-programmed settings to allow for selection of stitches and adjustment of stitch lengths. Accessories are placed in a section on the arm of the sewing machine for easy accessibility.

Children are experimental and therefore need sewing machines that aren’t complex. This is a stepping stone to nurturing their skills, talents, and abilities.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Variety of stitches: Brother CS6000i has a wide range of exciting stitches kids can choose from. 20 stitches used for garment construction, 20 for decoration, 6 heirloom, 7 auto-buttonhole and 7 quilting stitches.
  • check
    Lighting effect: Sewing area is brightly lit by the inbuilt lighting system to ensure children don’t strain when handling dark fabric and when in dimly lit rooms.
  • check
    Quick threading: The machine automatically threads itself by pressing the lever positioned on the side of the machine.
  • check
    Large working area: The table is wide and extended to ensure fabric fully fits on it and to make sewing less tiresome for children.
  • check
    Speed control: Sewing speed is adjustable by pressing the stitch speed slide. Kids can sew slowly or faster depending on their skills.
janome kids sewing machine

Editors Rating:

This manual sewing machine comes with two large selector buttons on the side of the machine which will allow your child to choose one of the twelve stitching options easily. The Janome 2212 is easy enough to use to allow your child all of the options they need to learn the basics of sewing.

It also has many advanced features so once your little one grows into their new skills, they will not get bored with the same old capabilities.

The Janome is made with durable materials so it can last up to the amount of abuse it might receive from an enthusiastic beginner. If something should go wrong though, then there is a 25-year warranty to cover it for any defects.

Some of the features on the Janome that make it easy for your child to use is the free arm and handle to make the unit simpler to carry. The free arm helps your child control the fabric from all sides of the machine which will make it easier for them to sew their favorite projects.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    ​The Janome 2212 makes switching between presser feet a breeze as it is equipped with snap-on presser feet
  • check
    ​Selecting between the 12 built-in stitches is a breeze with the stitch selection dial located on the machine.
  • check
    ​Creating buttonholes is simple with 1-four-step buttonhole function that not only creates buttonholes but sews on buttons easily as well
singer kids sewing machine reviews

Editors Rating:

The Brother sewing machine takes your child into the electronic age by providing a digital display to choose their stitch options with. This is an excellent machine for a creative child who is looking to grow with the complexity of their projects.

With 50 decorative stitches that come with several different options, this machine givessome fun and challenging projects that will keep your child busy for a long time. The automatic threading function reduces the amount of frustration a young sewer can feel when it takes too long to set up their sewing machine.

Other automatic features like the foot controls and bobbin winding also help ensure that learning to sew is fun and easy for your young hobbyist.

The Project Runway series of Brother sewing machines come with a 25-year warranty which shows the certainty that Brother has in how long they believe their machines will last. There are also many features on the CS5055PRW that range from simple stitching for the young learner to more advanced features for complex jobs.

It is easy to envision your child growing up using the same machine for years to come.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    ​Kids can have a blast using this easy sewing machine. The 87 built-in stitches provide a variety of styles for various projects
  • check
    ​A well-lit LED work area provides ample visual aid to make precise and accurate stitching on projects
  • check
    ​Never be afraid to create buttonholes again with the 5 styles of 1-step auto-size buttonholes
  • check
    ​Feeding fabric into this machine is easy with the 7-point dog system installed
singer kids sewing

Editors Rating:

The Michley is a grand little kids’ sewing machine for the young beginner and is small and light enough to carry anywhere they need to go. One great feature on this unit that I like is the option of using the pedal or hand switch to control the movement of the sewing mechanism.

This allows your child to grow into using a foot pedal but gives them the option of the switch if they aren’t comfortable. Another feature that makes this a great beginner sewing machine for your child is the “dual-speed” function which allows them to advance to a higher speed when they feel more confident.

The construction on the Michley looks like it might not be a kids’ real sewing machine, but don't let the size fool you. The design makes it easy to use for little hands to complete complex sewing projects once they have gained more experience.

The large free arm also allows your child to maneuver around the unit comfortably. It is a great price for a number of features you get as it is one of the most inexpensive kids’ beginner sewing machines in this category.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    ​Fixing clothing mishaps on the go is easy with this Michley LSS machine
  • check
    ​The mini 2-speed sewing machine ensures that no wardrobe malfunctions will take place.
  • check
    ​Save time and energy and frustration with the automatic thread rewind
  • check
    ​Easier threading makes for an easier time creating fabulous pieces and that possible with the top drop-in bobbin available with this machine
sewing machine for kids

Editors Rating:

The Janome 2206 is good for a starter machine and offers all the features the beginner will need to become comfortable with sewing. This is a manual sewing machine, so there is a knob on the side which is easy to use for choosing the stitch and pattern you want.​

This sewing machine has features like a “free arm” and “drop feed” which are usually found on more advanced units so your child can improve his or her skills as they get more comfortable.

Weighing in at just 12.8 pounds, this is the smallest of the Janome sewing machines and can easily be carried around. It also takes up a much shorter amount of space so if your child wants to keep it in their room and practice; it won’t overwhelm the room.

As mentioned before, it is safer for a child to use a sewing machine with a presser foot that screws on to avoid potential injury to the sewer’s hand. I like the fact that this device comes with screw-on feet as an optional accessory, so you can make the machine as safe as possible until your little one gets more comfortable.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    ​With the Janome 2206 sewers can work on a variety of projects as the free arm allows for larger projects to be tackled as well as smaller ones
  • check
    ​Incorporating into this machine’s design is a drop feed and extra high presser foot lift intended to help with multiple layers of fabric for various project types
  • check
    ​The 6 built-in stitches inspire creative designs as they can be used for home décor or fashion sewing
sewing machine fun for kids

Editors Rating:

This lightweight manual sewing machine is easy to use and comes with enough features for any beginner to sew simple jobs, but also enough additional accessories to keep it current.

The Broher XM1010 comes with several snap-on feet to adjust to the difficulty of the material being used as well as pedals for more speed control. The embroidery and heirloom stitching features are guaranteed to make this machine fun.

These built-in features are great for engaging young sewers as they will be able to create beautiful and decorative stitches easily.

The extra place to put accessories built into this machine can teach your child the value of organizing their belongings and keeping them neat. It also means that there won’t be any accidental sewing of extra buttons or thread because of a messy workspace.

The warranty on this machine is 25 years, which should be enough time to take your child from starter to expert. There is also free phone support for the life of the machine, so if your child needs any help, then support is there.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    ​This machine is versatile and an amazing tool for children beginning their sewing careers
  • check
    ​Its 10 built-in stitches ensure that a variety of projects can be handled effortlessly and smoothly
  • check
    ​Garment construction is a breeze as this machine has a 4-step auto-size buttonhole, enabling sewers to continue working with fabric without the fear of a jump-stitch
  • check
    ​Learn the art of sewing amazing cuffs and sleeves with the free arm that is available with the Brother XM1010
sewing machine kids

Editors Rating:

Just the color on this lightweight machine makes it fun to use for any young person learning how to sew. The manual dial on the side of the machine is easy to use and provides access to one of the ten stitching options quickly and easily. Another great feature on this sewing machine is the finger guard found on the presser foot which protects your child’s fingers while in use.

The size of this best sewing machine makes it perfect for small rooms or to travel with to class or a friend’s house. This may look like a kids’ toy sewing machine, but don’t let the size fool you. The Fast Lane series of Janome products can handle harder projects so your little one can learn and grow into the more advanced features.

One likable quality this machine has is the accessory tray which helps keep your child organized and prevents anything from getting stitched into the material accidentally. The 25-year warranty ensures that it is covered for any eventuality while your child is using it.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    ​A variety of projects can be tackled with this machine as its 4-piece feed dog can handle everything from lightweight fabrics to heavy duty material
  • check
    ​Sewers can also enjoy adjustable stitch widths and lengths creating bold decorative designs or simply reinforcing the stitch pattern for a professional quality appearance
  • check
    ​With the extra high presser foot lift, layers of fabric can be worked on simultaneously with much precision and detail
  • check
    ​At only 5lbs. this machine is also very portable and lightweight so sewers can tackle any job anywhere

Editors Rating:

Are you looking for a sewing machine to take your fashion designing capabilities to another level? Well, the Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine is the sewing machine for you.

 With 103 built-in stitches and a chance to download designs, this model will surely upgrade your skills. What’s more, the sewing machine allows you to upload different designs via its USB port.

The machine has a 3.7 inch LCD color touchscreen which allows you to view how the designs will appear on the material. You can also edit and preview your design before stitching by just some few touches.

It is also endowed with 80 new embroidery designs to take your creativity to another level. Apart from that, you can upload your different designing ideas using the available USB port.

The Brother SE600 comes with several accessories that help to diversify its function. I.e. the machine is mainly for sewing and embroidery, but with the accessories, it can perform tasks such as quilting. Its 6.4 inches by 4.1 inches need to arm workspace allows for more room when sewing bulkier projects.

Why buy brother SE600 
With diversified functions, USB port for new designing ideas and a touchscreen to view and edit designs, this is the best machine. Therefore I recommend this machine to anyone who wants to upgrade on their embroidery ideas.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    3.7 inch sew smart color touchscreen to view, edit and preview designs before sewing
  • check
    80 embroidery designs to enhance your creativity
  • check
    USB port to upload your embroidery designs and ideas
  • check
    Comes with accessories to diversify the machine’s functionality
  • check
    Expanded need to arm workspace of 6.4inches w by 4.1inches h for the provision of more room for quilts

Final Verdict: Best Kids Sewing Machine

Whichever mark you settle on, guarantee that you have know-how with what features it comes with as well know the importance of each featured element.

By doing this, it will be guaranteed that what you choose is safe for you and your kid.

The above-reviewed products act as starting point, though there are so many products that can be accessed online, our list seems the best collection for the genuine product users.

Things to Consider Before Buying ​

There are several questions you should ask yourself when looking at a good sewing machine for kids. The following list is meant to provide guidance when you set out to make a purchasing decision for your little one.


When you are looking at a sewing machine that is safe and easy to use for your child, then you want to make sure you get one where the feet attach rather than snap on.

The snap-on foot is easier to switch out but is more likely to move while in use and can cause injury.

If the machine comes with press-on than it may be a good idea to check if there is an option for a screw-on.


Some modern sewing machines offer push buttons instead of pedals to make it easier to control the speed of the stitching. This is also easier for those children with shorter legs, so they don’t have a problem reaching the pedals.

If a push-button is not available, then check out what additional accessories you can buy to make the machine more user-friendly for your child.


best kids sewing machine

If you buy too big a machine for your young sewer, then they won’t be able to use it effectively and will give up on the effort.

You want a little kids sewing machine to have buttons and pedals that are easy to reach.

An open feed arm will also help your child be able to control the material from both sides of the sewing mechanism.


kids beginner sewing machine

A good sewing machine for kids will be fast enough to keep your child interested, but not so powerful that they can easily lose control and sew their fingers into the material.

It is always a good idea to start your child on a slow speed until he or she gets comfortable.


A good warranty is an important factor when looking at a child’s sewing machine because kids break things. Most warranties on sewing machines are 25 years and cover parts, and labor should something become defective.

Phone or tech support should also come with the warranty on good machines so you can get instant access to someone if you have any questions about your machine.


The best beginner sewing machine for kids will reduce any frustration that may come from difficult functions. A sewing machine that automatically threads the needle will save your child time and hold their interest.

Some machines will not have automatic threading, but the design makes it easier for your child to do themselves.


Sewing can be a great skill for your child to learn because it helps with eye-hand coordination and creativity.

If the machine offers interesting stitch choices like a popular cartoon character or attractive shapes, then they will more likely stick with it.

Other considerations

  • check
    Additional accessories – Once your child has learned the basics, then the addition of more advanced accessories can keep their interest.
  • check
    Brand name – You will want to make sure your sewing machine is made by a reputable manufacturer.
  • check
    Fun options – Your child will be more likely to stick with this hobby if there are fun stitching options to choose from.