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Have you walked around town while doing your errands and noticed how leather and faux leather are increasing in the market?

With the rate at which leather is increasing its demand, there is all need of having a machine that will do its work best for the manufacture of leather goods.

We do not just need a machine for our leather but best sewing machine that will meet customer’s satisfaction and which will produce best leather goods so as goods stand out in competitive market due to their quality.

The Leather is unforgiving, and you cannot redo any mistakes or bad stitching as holes created by needle will bear an unkind reminder of your slip. So purchasing and having a best sewing machine for leather is an important factor that will ultimately affect the quality of your work.
Kristen Brown (Sewing Specially Writer)Kristen Brown (Sewing Specially Writer)

Leather tends to stick to presser foot or throat plate of most standard machines so while looking for a sewer; it should be that provides you with a longer stitch length option to give a stronger, more secure seam.

Either you are using residential or industrial sewer choose which will make your sewing project an easy task that you will enjoy and provides comfort in your work.

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Comparison Chart: Best Sewing Machine For Leather

To help you in finding the best here are some of reviews of the leather sewing machines that I would recommend for you.

Image Name Our Rating Price
Janome HD3000 View On Amazon
Brother ST371HD View On Amazon
Singer 9960 View On Amazon
Brother CS6000i View On Amazon
JUKI TL-2000Qi View On Amazon
Sailrite Heavy-Duty View On Amazon
Janome HD1000 View On Amazon
Consew CP206R View On Amazon
Singer 4432 View On Amazon
TOYOTA J34 View On Amazon

Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty

It’s important for you to own the appropriate tools for your unique sewing needs. A good example would be the Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine.

Discover the excellence of the Janome HD3000 machine which comes with an in-built threader for optimal sewing convenience.

Besides that, this machine also comes with a unique reverse stitch lever and a snap-on presser on the feet section.

Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the unique foot pressure adjustment that allows for optimal customization benefits.

This machine can develop 18 stitches and one step buttonhole.

In considering all the important factors, the Janome HD300 machine offers solid performance benefits for your sewing needs.

It’s also simple to assemble and store as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with decorative stitches that enable users to come up with multiple and creative designs.
  • Its manual lay in thread gives users best results of threading.
  • Its one step buttonhole relieves the hustle of struggling to get the buttonholes.
  • The machine has a reverse stitch lever used to tie the thread to it.


Brother ST371HD Strong

One can never be a good sewist if you don’t have a good sewing machine.

One great example includes the Brother ST371HD machine which is built to be both tough and strong for one`s needs.

Start developing high-quality stitching results for one`s projects by using the Brother ST371HD machine.

This touch and strong machine are robust enough to handle outdoor fabric, hemming jeans and for everyday sewing projects.

It also comes with as many as 37 inbuilt stitches which comprise of decorative and utility stitches for added user convenience.

More so, this machine can also easily stitch over thick seams with the inclusion of a spring action zigzag foot design.

In reviewing all the important factors, the Brother ST371HD is as powerful as it is stylish.

This powerful sewing machine leaves a small footprint in one`s working space and with practical features to match.

Highlighted Features

  • It is durable, dependable and versatile, making it perfect to handle a wide range of fabric thickness and weight.
  • Has a high speed of 800 stitches per minute enabling you to do a lot of work within the shortest time.
  • Has a brightly lit LED display that gives a convenient working area.
  • Its metal needle plate allows smoother feeding.


SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist

There is no room for poor improvisation when it comes to completing your sewing projects.

Its imperative that you own the appropriate resources such as the Singer 9960 quantum stylist machine.

Discover the excellence of the Singer 9960 that comes with as many as 600 inbuilt stitch patterns and five alphanumeric fonts for optimal user convenience.

More so, it also comes with special mirror imaging, stitch elongation and button underplate that give you the freedom to customize any project.

The startup is also much simple since it comes with quick and easy threading features.

The inclusion of the one-touch automatic thread cutter works well to trim the lower and upper thread to leave your machine ready for the next seam.

All things taken into perspective, the Singer 9960 is a powerful machine which leaves a small footprint in your working area.

It is simple to start up, and it also comes with a fully featured design to match one`s performance needs.

Highlighted Features

  • The Singer 9960 makes garment construction and decorative projects a breeze.
  • The 25 needle position ensures precise stitching and control. The 18 presser feet included with this machine .makes various projects capable of being constructed.
  • The under plate doubles as a mini embroidery hoop ensuring designs are precise and accurate.


Brother Cs6000i Computerized Machine

Choosing the appropriate resources plays an important role in the quality of your stitches and the impression you can make on your clients.

Therefore, consider the Brother CS6000i machine is the best place for one to start.

Become a professional sewist by using the Brother CS6000i machine that provides various types of quilting features at an affordable price.

It allows users to select from as many 60 inbuilt stitches including various decorative patterns.

More so, this machine also comes with seven styles of one-step buttonholes and an oversized table to suit large projects. Besides that, this machine is designed for ease of use, and it also comes with a simple to view LCD and an automatic needle threader.

In conclusion, the brother CS6000i comprises of a comprehensive feature set to make it a reasonable investment for any sewist. It combines computerized features and a fully functional design for the best results.

Highlighted Features

  • It has an LCD that makes it easy to select and adjust stitch length and width.
  • It has a start and closing button that you can use freely without using foot control.
  • Has a jam-resistant in bobbin making it easier to access and set bobbin thread.
  • Its accessories are value-packed inside a compartment, making it ideal for a wide range of quilting and sewing projects.


JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing Machine

Is leather frustrating to sew on other machines?

This is the real deal when it comes to working on leather fabrics.

Its sewing action is on point and doesn’t damage the delicate and expensive fabric.

Visibility is enhanced by the LED lights. You can sew perfectly in darkness.

Your physical abilities shouldn’t be limiting since you can operate on one pedal.

Good for straight stitching, this machine is good for home decor and quilting apparel.

Threading the needle needs no expertise.

The machine has self-threading abilities. Die-cast arm and the bed is made of aluminum to allow low vibration during sewing.

The working area is made wider with the help of a fixed extension table.

Leather depicts class and style.

This machine brings out the stitches firm and simple. It isn’t complex to use because most actions are programmable.

Highlighted Features

  • Large working area: The working table is further extended to ensure that bulky fabric like leather fits on the table well and doesn’t pick dust from the ground.
  • Lighting effect: LED lights inbuilt on the machine allows you to sew even in the darkest room. It brightens the working area very well ensuring you don’t strain your eyes.
  • Automatic threading: Pressing the lever on the side of the machine triggers a threading action in the needle by the machine. Not much effort is needed.
  • Sound production: It isn’t noisy at all. The bed and die-cast arm is made of aluminum to specifically ensure vibration action is low while working.
  • Stitches: JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine are good for straight stitches. Working on simple leather designs isn’t difficult.


Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultra Feed LSZ-1

What happens when you want a high-quality solution for your sewing projects?

Well, consider the Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultrafeed Walking Foot Machine which is customized to suit your needs.

Experience the superior quality of the Salrite LSZ-1 Basic Sewing machine which helps you sew both straight stitches for canvas work.

Besides that, it also comes with an ultra-feed, which is made using tough and reliable parts, which can sew heavy fabric assemblies.

It also comes with a patented Posi-pin clutching system, which guarantees 100% power transmission from the balance wheel and onto the needle.

All these features make it perfect for light leather, heavy canvas, denim, and upholstery as well.

The Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultra feed Walking Foot Sewing is worthwhile investment due to its superior design features.

From the reliable design and the unique Posi-pin clutching system, this machine is the perfect addition to your sewing regime.

Highlighted Features

  • The Sailrite is equipped with extra wide 19mm stitch width and a mechanical walking presser foot that powers through heavy fabric and material to create precise and amazing stitching and details.
  • Sewing heavy materials like canvas and sails is easy using this machine, which makes it ideal for boat owners.
  • Looking to sew through heavy material and have a portable machine? The Sailrite Heavy Duty sewing machine is perfect.


Janome HD1000 Mechanical Machine

Sewing is a rather intricate procedure that requires various factors to be met before you can achieve the best results.

One of the main ones includes owning resources such as the Janome HD100 machine.

Equip yourself with the Janome sewing machine which has a sturdy design, and it’s also simple to use for your needs.

It comes with a heavy-duty aluminum body which makes it perfect for any sewist who wants to achieve the best results.

Additionally, it also comes with as many as 14 stitches and a unique four-step buttonhole design which makes it perfect for various applications.

This machine also comes with additional components such as an in-built needle threader and storage tray.

Finally, the Janome HD1000 is a sturdy and fully featured machine that is perfect for any sewist.

It is simple to customize, and it comes with automatic customization features for added benefits.

Highlighted Features

  • Professional quality garments is just a simple click away with the reverse stitch lever that enables sewers to reinforce stitches and prevent unraveling.
  • The extra high presser foot lifts means sewers can work with multiple layers of fabrics with precision and detail.
  • The 3 piece feed dog means the Janome HD 1000 can aide in creating fantastic embroidery pieces. Beginner sewers will love the 14 built-in stitches that can create various projects.


Consew CP206R Portable Walking Foot

Have you been searching for a powerful and fully functional machine? Well, look no further than the Consew CP206R machine.

Realize the exceptional performance benefits of the Consew CP206R machine that provides reverse stitching benefits and with a special singe needle design.

Besides that, this unit also comes with an inbuilt motor, and it provides portable sewing power wherever you need it the most.

More so, this machine also comes with a powerful foot pedal and carry case included for optimal convenience.

Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the deluxe foot control feature, which makes this machine simple to use.

All things considered, the Consew CS206R is feature packed machine that is perfect for tackling heavyweight projects.

It is durable and with various exceptional features to take one`s results to the next level.

Highlighted Features

  • Its inbuilt 110vac motor gives it sufficient power to stitch quickly.
  • It has deluxe foot control that offers ease of sewing.
  • Has a portable sewing power that you can use anywhere you go with the machine.
  • Allows for reverse stitching.


Singer 4432 Heavy Duty Machine

When it comes to making an impression with your sewing results, the resources that you have available are crucial for your needs.

For instance, the Singer 4432 Machine is an excellent place for you to start.

Experience the superior quality of the Singer 4432 machine, which comes with a heavy duty frame which can sew through almost any type of material.

Additionally, the inclusion of the automatic needle threader provides time-saving benefits.

The machine can also sew at an average of 11000 stitches per minute, and it allows you to be creative and express your ideas with ease.

Broadly speaking, the Singer 4432 machine can handle almost any type of sewing project.

It has a heavy duty metal frame, and it makes quick work of your sewing projects each time.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with decorative stitches that enable users to come up with multiple and creative designs.
  • Its manual lay in thread gives users best results of threading.
  • Its one step buttonhole relieves the hustle of struggling to get the buttonholes.
  • The machine has a reverse stitch lever used to tie the thread to it.


Toyota Super Jeans J34 Machine

Sewing might be important for mending clothing, upholstery or coming up with new but designs, but you can never achieve one`s results without the appropriate resources.

This is why we recommend the Toyota Super Jeans machine as the best place to start.

Take your sewing results to the next level with the Toyota Super Jeans machine which is built for long-lasting performance.

It comes with a customizable foot pressure and automatic needle threader for optimal user convenience.

The inclusion of the adjustable foot pressure dial lets you set the machine pressure to the specific setting required for your fabrics.

Further lending to its superior design is that it has a front face plate that can double up as a storage spot for your items.

Finally, the Toyota Super Jeans machine is a solid machine that is perfect for both novice and professional users.

It comes with convenient design features and an automatic threader, which reduces one`s average stitching times.

Highlighted Features

  • Its large dials and levers make it easy to use.
  • Enables the user to view needle drop point enhancing accuracy on where you want to sew.
  • It has 34 stitch programs that make the work easier.
  • Comes with a main power switch enhancing control on when you want to use it.

Final Verdict:

Truth is told that there are multiple choices it comes to the best sewing machine for leather.

Despite the fact that you are looking one that works perfectly just at home or you are industrialists looking to boost the output of textile industry, among of reviewed products there is one that is going to meet your desires and needs while addressing all your issues.

Our machines incorporate a few features, influencing sewing any calfskin to piece simpler, and less tedious.

If you need quality, solidness, and high obligation control when sewing cowhide, and thicker textures, at that point you require thinking about this machines

Leather Sewing Machine: Things To Consider

Things to consider and the wide array of choices can often time affect our idea and decision. In line with that, finding the best machine to work with our leather needs can be taxed without the proper help and guide.

Weight of machine

Of course, you want a machine and a model that is portable and will be able to handle larger projects without tipping, stalling or bouncing around. While making your choice of which sewer to use, look for one that weighs a few pounds, taking account of its portability.

Determine your sewing need

You can opt to search for reviews and what the customers are saying about the product of your choosing. It will eliminate those that you don’t want and could suit your needs. The rationale of having reviews is that it helps you in sorting out features and specs of products and their models. Also, it can reduce your expectation of product as well.

Strength and durability of your leather

The needle is a significant element in restoring your leather. It can either define the success of your work or ultimately destroy your leather. Even though most needles are compatible with most machines, look for those that bore well with other products. Search for a stitch adjustment so that you can get the full potential of your machine.


Prices of leather sewing machines vary from one product to another.

Choose a machine that is budget friendly depending on workload.

If the workload is somewhere in the middle, particularly if leather products are a bit heavier, you need to have a machine that can handle the load and has heavy duty features.

Finding best leather sewing machine in this time requires careful consideration and thought. With the variety of products, choosing the right one needs careful details.

Faux, fur and even wool the other options that are easy to repair and mend, the leather is deemed as the product with quality and style.

Choosing right leather sewing machine will ultimately help you in concluding hunting down and getting the right one that will make sewing great again.

Make sewing an easy transition of your life.