Guide for Beginners- How to Build Your Sewing Skills

learn how to sew clothes beginnersAs it is with many things in life it takes time to build a skill with something. Sewing is no different.

People think it is a simply easy, anyone can do it thing.

Which it is and anyone can but it takes practice and patience to become very skilled and able to sew things like full dresses and full clothing items.

You will go at your own pace and may pick up very quickly but if not here are a few ways to get you on your way to mastering your sewing skills!

Start Slow for Great Sewing Skills :

It can be very, very overwhelming believe it or not when you first start out.

Like any crafter will tell you, you walk into a big craft store and you finally find that fabric and sewing and all of the sudden you start seeing every tool you don’t have and you start thinking do I have to have that.

Well maybe not ill just follow these directions and it’ll be fine, ignoring the expert level on the package.

Those are there for a reason you have to get used to doing things on your machine before you can jump into some of those projects.

If not you will not be able to complete them as easily as you would like and it can get frustrating!

So take your time and realize you don’t have to conquer the sewing world in your first project.

Add More Difficult Pieces:

As you start to get more and more comfortable with patterns and sewing items.

You add more and more to them and you move up a skill level at the craft store. The best way to advance more and more each time, is to learn a new skill each time you do a project.

No matter if it something as simple and moving the fabric quicker. No skill learned is one you will never use again.

You will use all the skills you know through out all of your projects.

So maybe start will something simple as a pillow case and move up from there, it is ok to not be good at it at first.

That is completely normal, but like I said at the beginning you just have to keep going it will take time to master sewing skills and be able to sew anything you want.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone of Sewing Skills :

Another thing to think about while becoming an expert sewing is stepping out of your comfort zone.

By that I mean if you do not succeed try and try again until you do!

So if your pillow case comes out all odd shaped and not a square by any means, then you will have a unique piece that no one else has!

Then you pick some more material and you try again. Every time you sit down to that machine to sew you will pick up a new skill, or master a skill you already have.

No matter how many times you do a certain skill or practice one you can only get better and better at it.

Sewing it constant learning process, materials are changing and machines are constantly changing.

Your a Master!:

Never give up! To become a skilled sewing all you have to do is simply practice, practice, practice!

Failures can be frustrating, no one has a failure at something and is excited.

But it is a part of life we all have them but we just have to have the attitude that we are able to learn from our mistakes and failures.

Sewing is no different, so give yourself quite a few projects some that are a piece of cake and you feel great after making them, and give yourself some that you know your are going to have to work through and learn from.

Before you know it you will keep mastering each skill level and will be able to walk in there and sew anything your heart desires!

Just keep moving forward. As my grandma tells me don’t look back, your not going that way! Happy Sewing!