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Ever visited the countryside and heard that synonymous fast stitching sound coming from a farmhouse? Well, that sound more often than not is the sound of a singer.

The company has been around for about two century now and is one of the most renowned. Their latest brand is the singer 4452 heavy duty.

The singer 4452 is a powerhouse that can be used by the following category of people:

  • Companies that deal with heavy material embroidery such as those who sew denim clothes.
  • The singer 4452 heavy duty can be used by tent-making people who use canvas.

Key features for the singer 4452 heavy duty include:

I. 32 built-in stitches

The singer 4452 comes in with a variety of built-in stitches. One can choose the variety of built-in stitches using a rotating dial which is strategically situated at the front of the machine. The logic behind this is simple. The more the number of built-in stitches the wider the choices for decorating a project.

II. High-speed machine.

Another key feature that people look out for is how fast a machine operates. Among the high-end machine the singer 4452 is one of the best. The singer has the capability of sewing just about 1,100 stitches per minute.

III. Easy loading bobbins.

The singer common to other brand s from the company comes in with easy to drop in bobbins. The plates around the bobbins are transparent so you can easily see how the thread supply runs.

This feature helps you keep good tabs on your material supply throughout the project.

IV. Heavy duty frame

The singer heavy duty comes with a heavy metallic frame to make sure it is always sturdy and strong. The heavy duty frame makes sure the machine is able to handle even the toughest of workloads.

Further, the heavy frame makes the machine last longer.

V. Adjustable presser foot pressure

Depending on the size of the workload to be done choosing the right foot pressure is critical. One needs to increase foot pressure while dealing with heavier material and reduce the pressure when dealing with the lighter material.

VI. Automatic needle threader sewing machine

This is usually accomplished after following the threading path usually imprinted on the machine. This helps make the users work much more effortless and less eye straining.


  • Singer 4452 comes in with 32 inbuilt stitches
  • The product boasts a built-in threader
  • The singer has a top drop-in bobbin
  • The singer 4452 has a reverse lever for preventing unraveling
  • The singer comes with a heavy metallic frame to last longer
  • The singer has a heavy, powerful motor, 60% stronger than standard sewing machines


  • The machine is more manual than computerized thus disadvantaging to some point.
  • The automatic threader is a little bit difficult to understand

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How do I sew denim and heavy fabric?
A. When trying to sew heavy fabric, it is usually recommended to use a singer denim style 2026 needle. Alternatives I would recommend the use of a singer 18 brand needle. Remember to sew at a controlled moderate speed to get the best results.

 Q. Why does the machine not pickups the bobbin thread?
A. The various steps you need to check to fix this is:
Make sure the bobbin winding spindle has been pushed back to the back left before you start sewing
Two, make sure the sewing needle is properly inserted.
Thirdly turn the handle wheel to make sure it faces you.
Underneath you will see a loop, use a sharp object pull underneath the loop then insert the thread.

Q. My sewing machine doesn’t run why?
A. Always make sure the power cord is tucked properly into an electrical outlet.

Final verdict

In summary, I would personally recommend the singer 4452 heavy duty to anyone involved with heavy sewing material. What’s more, the machine is neither too expensive nor cheap to make it qualified for tough jobs. It is also more of a more mechanical working machine that is less problematic.

The machine comes in with more power than standard sewing machines.

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