Singer 7469Q Reviews

Singer 7469Q Reviews





Singer, a name that has persisted on our lips for centuries. We hear of them and think of assured quality, durable products, and magnificence, pure magnificence. Singer 7469Q is one product of the Singer Company.

I write a review to show you why all I can say of this sewing machine is just words of exaltation.

I like singer 7469 for great sewing & quilting feature

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singer sewing machine 7469 reviews

Who Is This Machine For?

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    Experienced quilters
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    Interested learners

Features: Singer 7469 Reviews

It is Electronic

You just need to push a button to select the kind of stitch to make its length and width, the pressure and tension to apply and the balance in the material you are sewing. Not only is that but there an extension table that allows you to explore your curiosity.

LED lights

Two fitted lamps that illuminate the table making the sewing process easy and they light for 100,000 hours. They stay cool regardless of how long they are lit.

98 Built-in Stitches

There is a whole lot range of stitches to use be it for embroidering, fashion stitching, quilting, home decorating or whatever purpose they are for. On top of this, there is a guideline on each stitch you choose to use.

Six Different Styles of Button Holes

There are six styles in which to choose from how you want the button holes of your garment should look like. There is also a feature for endless button-hole that allows you decide how long you want your button hole to run.

Other features include:

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    Programmable needle
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    A free arm
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    An automatic length and width of stitches
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    Thread cutter


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    Has a heavy duty metal frame that holds all the mechanisms of the machine in perfect alignment
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    Has a soft-sided dust cover that keeps the machine away from dust when not in use
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    Has printed instructions that make the threading process easy
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    Have twin needles that create two stitches that make the project a catch to the eye
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    It has an automatic tension that allows for a stable stitch regardless of the material being used


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    It can only make 750 stitches a minute while there other machines that can make way more
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    Does not have a switch for speed control thus making it hard to make precise stitches
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    It is mostly suited for quilting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q. Is there any product similar to it?

A. The Singer Company has produced a wide range of sewing machinery to suit your every need. Visit their website to see all they have to offer.

Q. Does it have any warranty?

A. Yes! Not just warranty but 25 solid years for the head.

Final Verdict: Singer 7469

There is a faith in what we do, and there is pure confidence in what we produce. The Singer Company has full trust in the ability of Singer 7469 to serve for a long period, of time and so do I. it is a great sewing & quilting machine that as the capability to deliver so much and it is easy to purchase and use.