SINGER 1507WC Reviews | Easy-to-Use Machine with Canvas Cover

SINGER 1507WC Reviews





This sewing machine will work very well especially if you are a beginner. The singer 1507WC is top notch and it is an eight-stitch machine. You can use for sewing simple projects; hence you can use it at home.

Because of the eight stitches which are in built you can use it for decorative and also basic sewing projects. It has a carrying handle and a canvas cover. This makes it convenient for home storage and also sewing classes.

Singer 1507wc Easy-to-Use Free-Arm Sewing Machine review

Who is this machine for?

This sewing machine is ideal for beginners who want to do some basic sewing and mending.

Features: Singer 1507WC

Automatic winding clutch

The needle bar of the singer 1507WC disengages automatically when you wind the bobbin. This ensures that the process is safe and very fast.

Free arm

It has storage place for accessory. Because the arm can be easily removed it gives you storage place for the sewing machine. The on-board storage means you will have easy access to all the accessories.

Easy threading

You can easily thread by following the diagrams that are on the machines right side. It makes sewing very easy and quick

Zigzag width and an adjustable stitch length

It prevents bunching and keeps your seams strong. This width will make the stitch more pronounced and bolder.

  • It is very easy and quick to thread thereby saving you a lot of time
  • The presser feet have four snap-on. This helps you in increasing your sewing possibilities
  • The in-built stitches have an automatic 4-step buttonhole. This feature gives you a lot of options for fashion sewing

Adjustable tension

By adjusting the needle you will be able to stitch any type of fabric and get the highest quality. You can also change the tension, and this allows you to work even on the special projects

Metal frame is heavy duty

this ensures that all the components of the sewing machine are held into place for a skip-free sewing.

  • The foot lifter is extra-high- it offers you more clearance when you are putting in several layers of fabric
  • The needle positions are variable and you can set them according to what you are sewing
  • It is cabinet mountable and portable
  • It comes with free accessories


  • thumbs-o-up
    It is very easy to use
  • thumbs-o-up
    Numbered guide tells you all the steps
  • thumbs-o-up
    Not take up much space
  • thumbs-o-up
    You can control the speed with the foot pedal
  • thumbs-o-up
    It is quite does not produce so much noise


  • thumbs-o-down
    It has plastic parts which are not very durable
  • thumbs-o-down
    It easily jams and you will spend a lot of time getting it to work again
  • thumbs-o-down
    You have to stop threading constantly so as to adjust the thread tension and bobbin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q. Why does the fabric pucker?

A. This is because the tension of your upper thread is very tight. This makes the bobbin tension to be tight as well. Another cause of this is that the fabric is too soft or sheer.

Q. Why does the sewing machine run heavily?

A. Your machine requires oiling; there may be build up of soil in the shuttle. Your fabric may also be very hard for the sewing machine.

Q. Why will the sewing machine not sew?

A. The stop motion knob is not tight enough or you have not plugged the cord into the electrical outlet.

Final Verdict: Brother SE600

The machine is fast and easy to use. You will get sewing by just the press of a button. You do not need to use the foot pedal. It is also easy to understand even if you are a first timer.