Janome Graceful Gray Basic Review






Janome has been an instrumental name for quality sewing machines since 1950. While there have been countless models to come and go since then, they have always managed to stay true to their commitment to offer affordable machines for people that didn’t skimp out on the quality.

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Janome Graceful Gray Basic Review

While even today there are many of these branded machines to consider, this Janome Graceful Gray Basic review will give you a quick introduction to a machine that can appeal to almost anyone.

Who Is This Machine For?

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    The work at home tailor/seamstress
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    The student in home economics or self-teaching pupil
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    A young child learning about using sewing machines with the guidance of an experienced hand
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    Professional designers needing a reliable and portable machine for alterations on the fly


Compact and Portable

There are few machines that are actually as lightweight and portable as this Janome Sewing machine is. While there are many easy to transport options out there on the market, this is one that isn’t going to be difficult to keep with you for on the fly alterations or repairs.

11 Preset Stitches

Janome comprised a group of the most commonly used stitches for the general household andbeginners sewing, and these 11 fit that bill.

Each of these serves its own function, from buttonholes to decorative stitches, you have some versatility to your projects.

Easy Set Up

janome graceful gray sewing machine reviews

Having a machine that is easy to get started with can be a huge advantage to someone just learning to use one for the first time. This machine is specifically designed to make the experience of each user easy and simple.

From the top loading bobbin system to threading diagrams to reference, you are making the right stitch in seconds.

Added Safety Features

Falling in line with being a machine that is ideal for anyone of any age to learn to use a sewing machine, there are safety features to keep inexperienced hands from getting injured.

One such feature is the presser foot with a finger guard to protect your hands from the needle.

Easy Stitch Selections

You can change up your stitching choices on the fly with this turn-dial system. Simply choose one of the preset stitches based on the diagram and turn the dial to your selection. You can also easily modify the length and width of your stitches from the machine as well.


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    Easy to change settings on the fly for quality projects
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    Ideal for those who have never used a machine before
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    Added safety features protect unskilled hands learning to operate the machine
  • thumbs-o-up
    Portable and lightweight (5 lbs.) so it can go where you go


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    Only 11 preset stitches to choose from
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    Not the ideal machine for heavy fabrics and materials
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    Can feel child-like to someone who has previously owned a different sewing machine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q. Is this sewing machine good for leather or denim?

A. While there are needles that are said to go through these denser fabrics easily, this machine is more meant for medium and light duty tasks.

Q. How lightweight is the machine?

A. With portability being such a key feature of the machine, it is backed up in the fact that this machine is only five lbs.

Q. Is this good for elementary age kids to use?

A. With the appropriate supervision, this is an excellent machine for an elementary school aged child to learn to sew on.


All in all, this is a powerful and light machine for even the most hardcore of sewing machine users. It does have some drawbacks in that it is fairly devoid of bells and whistles common to more expensive brands.

With the very low-end cost of the product though, this Janome Graceful Gray Basic machine stands out from other options within this same price range.

If you are looking for a great starter sewing machine for yourself or a loved one, Janome has really done a great job offering up a choice that makes sewing simpler without compromising quality.