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In dire need of a machine with top-notch features but at an affordable price? Well, you should consider the Brother XR9500PRW machine. When you use it, you are spoilt for choice as you have up to 100 stitches to select from.

It is a design recommendable for beginners as it has an automatic needle threading which protects their fingers from being pricked before they can get the hang of it. The Brother XR9500PRW is also suitable for them because it has buttons which a beginner can use to operate it.

However, it is not limited to amateurs only as it has a speed of up to 850 stitches in a minute. Thus fits advanced users also. It is the best embroidery machine for anyone who is always traveling. Reason being it is quite a light with only 99.2 pounds and an in-built handle which further makes it easy to carry. It has a hard cover to protect it whenever you are on the move

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Features: Brother XR9500PRW Reviews

1. Bright LED screen with a wide table

The embroidery machine has a wide table which is an added advantage. That is because it offers a proper surface for when you are working on big projects. The LED screen is brightly lit which ensures visibility even when you are in a dimly lit area.

The screen also has operation buttons which enhance ease of use.

2. Variety of alphanumeric stitches

All designers want their projects to be exceptional. One of the top embroidery machines provides an opportunity for you to achieve that. With fifty-five characters which include all alphabets, punctuation's and some numbers there is just so much that you can do.

It creates room for creativity through the mirror stitch which allows you to create an interchange of what you have made.

3. Jam resistant

Nothing gets on my nerves like when am completely immersed in sewing then all of a sudden the machine jams. However with the Brother XR9500PRW which is one of the best home embroidery machines you are relieved of that.

It has a drop-in top bobbin which is resistant to jams and quick to set. Hence you can sew for as long as you can without any worries.

4. Accessory compartment

The traditional embroidery machines came with accessories independently. That kept the user on their feet constantly looking for the proper way to store them. Fortunately, with XR9500PRW you no longer have to worry.

It has an accessory pouch which comes with a set of needles, seam ripper, twin needles, bobbins, screwdriver and many others.

5. Variety of Presser Feet

Unlike the ordinary machines, the XR9500PRW has seven instant presser feet. They are easy to use and can adjust easily. They perform several functions such as spring action, blind stitch, overcast and others which you can easily learn about when you purchase it.

Other Features

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    Requires no battery as it is computerized
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    Adjustable threading system
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    Twin needle capability
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    Speed controller
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    Light switch included for safety
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    Diverse needle positions
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    Eight styles for auto size button-holes in just a single step


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    25 years of warranty help you cover any mishaps that might arise
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    Instruction manual available in English and Spanish hence easy to understand
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    Operational buttons on led screen thus easy to use
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    Portable due to compact size, inbuilt handle and hard cover to protect it
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    Wide variety of stitch options
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    Accessory pouch keeps them safe
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    Sufficient working surface


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    Not suitable for thick sewing
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    Requires a voltage of 120 only
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    No cover up for spool

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is it possible to increase the size of the alphanumeric characters?

A. Yes. There are no limitations, and you can increase it to your desired size.

Q. How do you clean the machine?

A. CAUTION: Ensure you have unplugged from power source first.

#Remove the needle, presser foot, and presser foot holder

#Take hold of both sides of needle plate cover, slip it towards your direction and remove it

#Do the same action for the bobbin

#Remove any dust from the race and other areas using the cleaning brush

#Then finish by returning all the above, you start with the bobbin and finish with the needle

Q. Does the Brother XR9500PRW have a feed dog?

A. YES. It has drop down feed dog.

Final Verdict: Brother XR9500PRW Reviews

The brother XR9500PRW is a good machine with superb features. From its speed to the ease of use, it’s a machine suitable for all. Whether an expert or simply a learner, it accommodates your level of expertise conveniently.