Brother XL2610 Review






If you are just trying your hands at sewing, you might need to consider this machine. It has mind blowing features made for someone who has not come to a decision whether they want to do sewing as a profession or just for fun. Below is a compiled list of everything you need to know about best sewing machines.

Brother XL2610 is a great sewing machine

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Brother XL2610 Review

The product is tailored to meet the needs of amateurs. This can is seen from its size and less complicated modifications that enable the learner to use it at ease and to be able to get hold of the relevant facts in the sewing world within the shortest time possible.

Who Is This Machine For?

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    This sewing machine is good for kids & beginner sewer
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    Instructors who want to teach
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    Who needs a great device for doing production type work
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    Who would like to improve their sewing speed


High speed of stitches

Brother XL2610 Review stitches

The Brother XL2610 is quite a handy machine regarding speed. For those beginners who would like to improve their sewing speed, this is the ideal tool that they should opt. It comes with snap-on presser feet, so you don’t need to use a screwdriver and worrying about aligning it properly.

It has a vertical oscillating hook bobbin that is easy to load and put into place.


Measuring only 11.4 regarding height, a width of 6.7 and 15.4 inches with a weight of just eleven pounds the Brother XL2610 is quite mobile. This is suitable for any desk.

In fact, the beginner is burdened off the cost of having to invest in a specialized sewing table because he/she can place it just about anywhere.


For beginners using computerized sewing machines might prove a headache. That is because they require some experience. It has less than 25 built-in stitches with only 59 functions.


That not only provides a variety to choose from but also allows the user to master the few thus improving their skills.

Thread guides

The machine stands out from the other because it has thread guides. These include arrows, numbers and in some cases even letters. That makes it efficient for beginners who have no idea on how cloth patterns should be.

That combined with the manual is enough to make any beginner develop skills good enough to sew anything.​

Extra accessories

The manufacturer of the Brother XL2610 saw the need of having the machine accompanied by some additional accessories. That not only saves you money but also the energy and time that you would have used by purchasing the accessories separately.

Additional Features

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    Preset stitch length and widths
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    Built-in quilting stitches
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    Accessory storage
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    Automatic needle threading system
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    Has a lighting bulb for illumination
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    Twenty-five years warranty
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    Feed dog
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    Snap-on presser feet
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    Double-needle for gathers
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    Free arm for challenging areas


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    Easy to use
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    The cover case prevents it from getting dirty.
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    Perfect speed for beginners
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    Efficient instruction manual
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    Comes in a variety of colors including pink, that makes it suitable for people who are fancy
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    Adjustable stitch width and length also thread tension puts the user in full control


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    Lacks automated controls
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    Voltage is limited to use in the USA only
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    Very dull hence cannot be used by skilled people
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    Presser’s foot ‘s hard to work with
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    Unstable when sewing thick or cotton fabric

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q. Where do I put oil in my machine?

A. The machine was manufactured with the right proportion of oil to ensure correct operation to reduce additional oiling by the user. If anything arises and you think it needs to be oil consult an authorized service center but do not do it yourself.

Q: How do I ensure that I choose the proper needle for my sewing project?

A. First, you should consider the thickness. The smaller the needle, the finer it is in giving a good finish. Therefore use fine needles with lightweight fabrics and thicker ones with heavy-weight fabrics

Q: How do I use the multipurpose screwdriver in position 1?

A. First remove the presser foot holder, when rotating the versatile screwdriver do not forcefully turn it in the direction that it's not supposed to otherwise it might break.

Final Verdict: Brother XL2610 Review 

In conclusion, the Brother XL2610 is an efficient machine for any beginner who is looking to develop speed in sewing. With its diversity in stitches and an easy four buttonhole process, it's quite easy to give a good and beautiful finishing of anything that you are working on.

With its price its also quite a God-given Machine. If I were to get anyone who loves sewing a gift, then it would be the Brother XL2610.