Brother ES2000 Review

Brother ES2000 Review





Brother is one of those names that people have grown to know and respect in the sewing and craft world. With so many different models of Brother machines though, how do you know which (if any) are the right one for you to get?

Brother ES2000 Review 77 Stitch machine and I love it!

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Brother ES2000 77 Sewing Machine Reviews

This Brother ES2000 review should give you some stats and figures about this particular model and see if what it offers is what you happen to be looking for in a machine.

Who Is The Product For?

While this is certainly a universal kind of machine, it is likely designed to appeal most to:

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    First time sewing machine buyers
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    Those who use their current machines only semi-regularly
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    Those looking for a Low-cost solution in a machine


Many Built-In Stitches

Brother ES2000 77 Stitch Function Computerized Free Arm Sewing Machine Reviews

While having built-in stitching options is obviously a common feature for best sewing machines of any quality, you are often not given quite as many as you are with this Brother ES2000.

Within this machine are 77 different stitch patterns that will allow for a lot of versatility to what this machine is able to do, and what you can do as a result.

Built-In Compartment for Sewing Tools

As for the features that are not necessarily common to the bulk of the options that might be out there (even with other Brother models), is the built-in compartment. This keeps a lot of the implements that you use on a regular basis for any sized project that you might have in a quick and convenient location.

This ensures that nothing gets lost or misplaced.

LED Screen

The LED screen makes certain that you are not without an easy way of knowing just what you are doing. This easy-to-read display is one of the top features because it allows even the most inexperienced of users an opportunity to easily discern what kind of technique they are using and what stitch they have selected for their current run.

Automatic Features

Brother ES2000 Reviews & buying guide

The older styles of sewing machines required you to have still to thread your needle in a complicated and often eye-tiring way.

This Brother machine has an automatic threading feature that makes feeding through a needle a few second processes.

The automatic thread cutter ensures that your projects all have a clean stopping point, by cutting the thread and in the same motion bringing the tail to the back of the fabric.

Quick Set Features

Changing your bobbin is a snap with a Quick-Set loading system. You just have to drop in the new one. It’s that simple, and the machine takes care of the rest. Combine this with the quick adjustable controls, and you have complete control over:

  • Thread tension 
  • Stitch Width 
  • Stitch Length 


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    The versatile machine offers 77 different built-in stitch options for maximum sewing options.
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    Easy to use for beginners and advanced users alike.
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    Built-in features make sure you don’t spend much time replacing parts or have too much time invested in controlling the performance of the needle with the controls.


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    Not designed for overly heavy, consistent uses.
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    Great starter sewing machine, but advanced users will find some of the features likely lacking to what they could expect from the higher range options that exist out there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q. I have an Etsy shop, and I have to sew every day (quilt materials), will this hold up?

A. It is not likely a great machine option for everyday heavy use. This isn’t necessarily the best available machine for someone that is looking to consistently be using their machine, as it doesn’t have all of the more common high-end features, nor does it tend to hold up well against prolonged and concentrated uses.

Q. What accessories typically come with this machine?

A. Several feet come with this machine (zipper, buttonhole, zigzag, button fitting, monogramming, blindstitch, overcasting). Also, you will have various needles, a cleaning brush, seam ripper, bobbins, spool pin, and screwdriver.

Q. Are there certain materials that this machine is best used for?

A. Through the hundreds of reviews that have been examined online, it appears that people tend to have the most success with straight cotton materials. While these machines have been slated to handle multi-layer materials and designs, reviews suggest that the thicker or more complex it is, the more the machine struggles to keep up.

Final Verdict: BROTHER ES2000

This is not the machine for someone who is experienced with what a great machine should be able to do. That being said, this is an excellent machine for someone who just wants to occasionally patch up some holes or tears and not need to use it heavily on a daily basis.

It is a great starter unit for someone before they spend over twice as much on even a moderately better option.

So if you are just looking for a quality brand to help learn the ropes of a machine, this Brother ES2000 is a solid place to begin.