Brother CE7070PRW Review






Once again Brother has teamed up with Project Runway to offer a machine that allows you to unleash the fashion designer within. The Brother ce7070prw offers more features and design capabilities than many more expensive machines.

The Brother ce7070prw is one of the best machines for quilting I have found.

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Brother CE7070prw Review

It is made for anything from fashion sewing to utility, to decorative, heirloom, and quilting stitches. This machine is made for the creative who wants to unleash and expand their creativity. It is easy to use and lightweight for portability.

Not only that, it is made by Brother, which means that it is a sewing machine that you can trust.

Who Is This Machine For?

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    The beginner sewer who knows they want to expand their capabilities later
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    This s serious quilting machine for crafter or quilter
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    The semi-professional who makes things to sell online or at shows
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    The artist
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    The professional custumer who needs to have a machine with multi-function capabilities, but still needs one that is portable enough to take with them


This machine features 70 built-in stitches seven one-step automatic size buttonhole stitches, 110 stitch functions for garment construction, and any other type of sewing that you would want to do.

Once you select the stitch, you can change it to meet your needs using the easy touchscreen LED display. All of the stitches are printed on the machine, so you do not have to look anything up and then return to the machine.


Versatility Brother CE7070prw Review

This is one of the most versatile machines on the market. Brother’s Project Runway Series was designed to be a home machine model that has expanded capabilities and allows for almost endless creativity.

The ability of this model to do heirloom quilting, decorative stitches, as well as functions that are needed for fashion designing, makes this one of the most versatile machines among all comparable brands and models.


Brother is known for offering a wide selection of feet that are specifically designed for certain jobs. For instance, it offers a ¼ inch piecing foot and guides for piecing quilt pieces together.

Your points will come out perfectly every single time with this attachment. Extras like the adjustable binder foot make sewing on bias tape to the back of the quilt a breeze.


Performance of Brother CE7070prw Review

Because it is a Brother, as expected, the Brother CE7070PRW offers jam-free operation and quiet performance. Its feed dogs pull the fabric smoothly and evenly without bunching.

It has a wide table which allows you to spread out the fabric evenly with support, which improves its performance even more because it takes stress from the feed dogs.

Additional Features

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    Quick-set drop-in bobbin winding system
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    Adjustable sewing machine speed
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    Super bright led work area
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    Automatic needle threading system
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    Selling speed of 850 stitches per minute
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    Wide array of built-in quilting stitches
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    Standard feet included are buttonhole foot, overcasting foot, monogramming foot, zigzag foot, zipper foot, button fitting foot, and blind stitch foot
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    Includes a 25-year limited warranty


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    Versatile machine that can do a number of functions
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    Wide variety of stitches to selection
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    Lightweight for maximum portability
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    Designed with quilters especially in mind
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    A number of specialty feet and other accessories available for specific types of sewing needs
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    One-touch operation and an easy-to-read led display makes stitch selection simple and quick
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    Wide table adds extra support when working on quilting projects


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    Only comes with a foot controller, cannot control speed with a button on the machine
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    Made for intermediate sewers and may be too difficult to use for beginners without experience

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q. Is the machine under warranty if you purchased it from a private party secondhand?

A. No, the warranty only covers the purchase if it was purchased from an authorized Brother re-seller located in the United States. If you purchase it used, it is not covered.

Q. Does the warranty cover the machine if I use it outside of the United States, such as in Canada?

A. The warranty only covers the machine and accessories if they are purchased and used within the United States.

Q. What is the warranty period for parts and labor?

A. The warranty period for parts and labor is one year from the original purchase date. Electronics are covered for two years after the original purchase date. The major components and chassis are warrantied for 25 years.

Final Verdict: Brother CE7070PRW 

In the final verdict, the Brother ce7070prw is the best machine for quilters. Of course, it can do everything else, but many of its features are targeted towards the piecing, quilting, and binding of quilts.

If you are a quilter, this is the best machine for you to buy because it was designed specifically for you, at least in my opinion. Many of the features that are designed for quilters will also be useful in the design of fashion clothing too.

This machine runs smoothly with barely a hiccup, even when running at high speeds. This is just a great overall machine, especially for quilters.