Janome 11706 Review

Janome 11706 Review & buying guide





The Janome 11706 is one sewing machine that is absolutely adorable. I know that adorable usually is a word to describe a sewing machine, but its two-tone turquoise body and Hello Kitty make this ¾ size machine one of the cutest on the markets.

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Janome 11706 reviews

The Janome 11706 has smaller dials and buttons and is designed to spark the creativity of the future sewer.

This machine looks just like it’s more grown-up models; only it is made to spark the imagination of children who will be the future fashion designers of the world. Of course, you do not have to be pint-sized to enjoy this machine and adults will love it too.

Who is This Machine For?

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    The budding seamstress who loves Hello Kitty sewing machine
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    The adult who wants a little bit of whimsy in their life
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    Anyone who wants a small machine with small controls to fit smaller hands
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    Instructors who teach sewing classes for children
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    Anyone who wants an adorable machine to add to their craft room


What Can It Do?

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This little machine offers nine different stitches, including stretching stitches and a built-in buttonhole function. The buttonhole is a four-step so that learners will understand how buttonholes work when they move on to full-size machines later.

 It has an easy threading design to familiarize the learner with basic sewing machine operation.

This machine has everything that a beginner sewer will need to enter the wonderful world of crafting and sewing.​


This machine comes with a sliding buttonhole foot and a zigzag foot. However, other feet and attachments are available so that the learner does not have to be limited to just the basics as they expand their capabilities and skills.

Available attachments include a blind hem foot, flower stitching attachment, overedge foot, even feed foot, buttonhole foot, roller foot, gathering foot and others.

How Well Does It Work?

Janome 11706  sewing Machine review

This machine works just as well as its full-size counterparts. It is powerful and creates even and secures stitches. It is easy to use and is intuitive, even for those that are just starting out.

It gives the child and adults the ability to work side-by-side, and even work on joint projects.​

The casing is hard and durable and is made to withstand the occasional mishap.

Additional Features

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    Extra high presser foot lift
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    Lightweight and easy to carry at 11 pounds
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    Has a free arm for showing in tight spaces
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    Stitch selection is by easy to turn dials
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    3-piece feed dog system that will handle most average fabrics that beginners will be sewing
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    Manual thread tension control so that beginners can learn how it works
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    Front loading vertical oscillating hook bobbin


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    Small and easy to use
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    Designed specifically for the beginner
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    Does everything a full-size machine can do in terms of basic functions
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    Has 9 of the most common stitches and the most common buttonholes
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    Small size machine with controls that are made for small hands
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    Light-weight and easy to transport
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    Stylish design that will be sure to please children or adults who have a child within


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    Does not have a needle up-down mechanism
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    Does not have a needle threader
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    Feed system is only three piece, which means that it cannot handle a wide variety of fabrics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q. Can this machine do embroidery?

A. No, this machine was designed to beginner sewer in mind and only does the most basic functions. Embroidery is an advanced technique that the beginner sewer can learn once they graduate to a full-sized machine.

Q. How big is the working area?

A. The working area for this machine is smaller than the average full-size machine. It is designed for sewing smaller sized clothing and smaller craft projects that the beginner sewer would be more likely to be doing.

Q. Can it do the quilting?

A. This machine can do some basic quilting functions such as piecing or basic top-stitching. It also has a few decorative stitches too but does not offer the full array of stitches available on full-size machines. It is appropriate for smaller projects.

Final Verdict: Janome 11706

The final verdict on the Janome 11706 is that every child needs one. Of course, you are the best one to determine what an appropriate age, for this machine is for your child.

You need to consider that the child must be old enough to have enough fine motor control to manipulate the machine and to avoid catching their finger under the needle. You must always make sure that you provide appropriate adult supervision when the child is operating the machine.

This machine is one of the few machines that is designed specifically with the beginner sewer in mind, and it is one of few that operates just like a full-size machine.