$1,000 Annual Student Scholarship

Every year, Sewinglist.com awards one lucky applicant a scholarship worth $1000. If you are a high school or college student looking for extra financial assistance, this is the opportunity for you! We are looking for one talented individual to contribute to our online review content website. In order to succeed, you must write an informative article on a topic related to sewing.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.
- Benjamin Franklin


University Student Scholarship


This scholarship can only be used by students who are enrolled in either high school or a university. Non student applicants will not be considered.

Application Process Will End In:


Article Topic

This year, the topic is "How to Care for Your Sewing Machine". Your article must be informative and detailed in the right points. High school, undergraduate, and graduate students are all welcome to apply. The best article will receive $1000 that can be applied towards education expenses. It is highly recommended that students with interests or majors in Marketing, Business, and related categories apply.


The deadline for your article submission is December 31, 2018. We will decide on one article and announce the winner of the scholarship on January 10, 2019. The next scholarship contest will be available later on in 2019.

It is worth noting that this scholarship runs every year, with a different topic for the article.


  • Students enrolled in a high school or college/university
  • Students who are studying in a related career field

How to Apply

  • Write an informative and detailed essay on "How to Care for Your Sewing Machine" (300-600 words)
  • Submit your essay by emailing us at scholarship@sewinglist.com
  • Include your personal information (Name/Email Address)
  • Include the name of your school/college/university or related program
  • Include your area of study or focus
  • Any document that provides proof of "student" status (Id or .edu email)

Important points to remember:

  • Do not submit more than one Article
  • Must attach document that proves you are a collage student.
  • Do not submit fake documents.
  • The write up must be in English language only!
  • We reserve right to use applicant’s write-up once submitted.
  • Personal Details (First & Last Name, Phone, and Address).

​Recent Winners

 Aiden Bayley 

 Marketing Major 

2016 Scholarship Winner


I couldn’t believe when my article was chosen as the $1000 winner. As a senior in college, my student loan and credit card expenses were becoming a little overwhelming to think about! This money is the perfect blessing and will help me reduce the cost of graduating on time and responsibly! All I had to do was use my writing talents!

Travis Head

High School Senior

2017 Scholarship Winner


"Honestly, the prospect of paying for my college in the fall was starting to scare me a little bit. This $1000 couldn't have came at a more perfect time! I'll be using this money to get a head start on my education. Writing is my passion and I hope to enter the contest again next year!